Membership Types

Golf and Club Social Memberships

All memberships include full Family Tennis

Memberships for individuals, couples, and families are available.

Junior Memberships

Intermediate Memberships

For ages 12 - 25 years old open to members and non-members. 

For those 21-37 years old. Reduced Dues for this

Senior Membership

Legacy Membership

For those over 37 years of age. Includes full, unlimited golf, dining, social and family tennis.

For Children of Active Abenaqui Members who missed the 'window' to become a member... yet are still under the age of 38... We want you back!  Join for 1/2 of the current initiation fees!  This is a great opportunity.

If you have been off of your parents membership for less than a year, join with NO initiation fees!  This is an even better opportunity.

Membership Types
For those not interested in the full golf program, members join as Club Social Members with a reduced financial obligation.

If you are a Club Social Member and would like to join a golf category; they are more than welcome!  It's as easy as paying a golf entry fee (may be subject to golf wait list).  Please email Lisa Lombardi, Membership and Marketing Director,  for more information about membership.